The Goal
Citibank needed a site that would allow their existing customers to apply and be approved for a loan in real-time. To accomplish this, a simple enough application experience was created that kept Citi customers engaged throughout the entire application process.
Installment Loans
  • An invitation code will access the digital application and provide customers with the correct offer.
  • The digital application will be responsive design and optimized for mobile devices and tablets.
  • All site content will be developed as ADA compliant and validated through testing.

Proposed Process Flow

Group 22 edit
Interface Design
A variety of UI components were explored to ensure optimal layout with fewer blocks towards form completiton.
Input Boxes

Small text input

Tool Tip


Radio Button


Progress Bar

As the user progresses through the loan application, a blue line will cover
the gray line to highlight the user’s advancement. Each pages’s circle will
be differentiated from the other circles in the tracker.

Users have the ability to center loan amount and purpose of loan. The loan
amount may prefill based on offer code. Loan information entered will
automatically update the Terms box.

Opens a brief explanation of Auto Deduct and its benefits.

The complete annotation deck is viewable here.

The annotated experience for existing customers to access loan applications was provided to the client for internal development. After the turnover, my part in the project ended. Even though I never saw the developed site, there had been enough research, design and testing done that I know all the interface elements were implemented to align with the design. If you are a Citibank customer, I hope you enjoy the loan experience.
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